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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That Was Refreshing

Julie, a real estate agent at Fake Real Estate, is sitting at her desk trying to figure out what to include in her real estate flyer for a new property. She remembers taking the course but that was more than a year ago and everything seems fuzzy. "I wish there was something to refresh my memory" she says. Well Julie you're in luck because there's a (drum roll please) refresher course/training/document for that!

A refresher, by definition, is a training object acting as a review of previously learned material and in my opinion one of the under used tools an Instructional Designer has. This refresher or mini module acts as a light version of previous material where only the pertinent material is presented and it can be used in almost every application of eLearning (if done right).  So how and when do you include a refresher?

A refresher course should be used when material is no longer new in a learners mind but still pertinent for run the business purposes. One of favorite ways to use refresher material is in a guerilla type learning plan. The learner may get a course here but then a poster comes up or an email blast. Something to keep them on their toes and constantly learning.

So Julie, from Fake Real Estate, here your refresher training.

As a bonus (to me) it includes two of the characteristics of previous eLearning challenges. eLearning Challenge #2 asked us to use Tab layout training.  Taking notes from an awesome template and finding graphics on and I create a quick refresher PowerPoint which discusses the five things Julie should include in her flyer.  For some reason I felt the need to be an over achiever this week so I also included the elements of eLearning Challenge #14; incorporate Pantone's color of the year (radiant orchid) into a training piece.

Thanks for reading all the way through! Here's a bonus bit of information.  I'm super obsessed with home renovation and decoration shows. My Pinterest board "Home is Where the Heart is" has over 800 pins. Do you have a constant source of inspiration and passion from your home life that creeps into other sectos?  Tweet me at jvalley0714

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