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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zombie Zip Code

This week Articulate eLearning Hero challenge (#55) is to "design a training interaction, job aid, or mini-course to help learners prepare for and survive the Zombie Apocalyps". My brain immediately started thinking how to save your brain or dress a wound.  In the end I decided that to survive the Zombie Apocalyps you need one thing...LUCK! So I created the basic beginnings of a board game using PowerPoint called Zombie Zip Code!

Premise and Rules:

Town has been overrun by zombie while you were at work! Run through the streets to find your way back home. But watch out! Zombies can be found at every turn including your co-workers. Roll the dice to determine who goes first (highest roll). Turn order is in counter clockwise motion around the board. Roll the dice moving along the board. The number on the square you land on determines how many game cards must be drawn and completed. If a player lands on another player they're turned into a zombie. Swap your person for a zombie playing piece and your objective is to now land on other players to infect them. Once you’re a zombie, game cards no longer apply. The three red corners are zones which have been infected.  Land in one and you automatically become a zombie. Winner is the first regular playing piece to reach the finish line. If all players are zombies then the first zombie to the finish line wins.

The pieces:

Instructions template found on Google drive (

The playing board was created using an image found on and a table.

The characters and dice were also found on

The cards are provided in template format to create your own custom game (image from  Have players answer questions about work related topics or just create zombie based scenarios for hours and hours of fun.

Some examples include:
You tripped! Go back one space.

Your shoe is untied! Go back two spaces.

You’re a Zombie! Switch your playing piece.

You found a gun! Hold onto this card and thwart any zombie attacks. Good for only one use. Not usable if you are already a zombie.

You found an energy drink! Sprint ahead three spaces and do not pick up any playing cards.

You found an antidote! Turn back into a regular playing piece or hold on to it in case you get infected. Good for only one use.

Thanks for stopping by! Now leave me alone to eat my brains!!!!!!

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