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Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I Use and Why: My eLearning Toolkit

The year of 2014 was a great year of discovery for me in terms of eLearning tool, websites, companies, and services. I posted a list of free (or cheaper) tools and even found a few more after the post was published.  I plan on revisiting the list a little later in the year but wanted to share "What's in my Course Design Toolkit" for Challenge #35. These are the tools that if I lost browser favorites/bookmarks or licenses I would immediately put them back in and/or throw a little hissy fit ;)

Course Development

Articulate Storyline 2
This tool is my favorite but unfortunately is not what I use on a daily basis. It's loaded with easy to use features and isn't overly complicated.

Lectora Inspire
This is the tool my employer (past and present) uses and the one I have the most experience in. It gets the job done and is loaded with a lot of features.

Most of my storyboards/prototypes are done in PowerPoint. Sometimes I play around in there to get design ideas or image editing. I also like using it to create graphs for data that will be presented in my courses.

Image Assests

Hands down my favorite collection of free Vector assets.

Some of the most breath taking pictures!

When Freepiks doesn't have what I want I check here.

Noun Project
Great select of icons.

Image Editing

This is an add on to the Lectora Inspire suite so it came with my license.  It's pretty easy to use and can get most of my basic to intermediate image editing done.

Adobe Fireworks
When I need to take apart PSD, AI or do some intermediate to advance image editing I reach for this.

Color Picker/Color Scheme

Design Seeds
I reach for this when I want to base my color scheme off a picture.

I like using their preset color configurations as inspirations or creating my color ideas in here.

Adobe Kuler
A visual color wheel that helps you pick out color schemes.

A similar tool to Adobe Kuler but I feel like it has more options to fine tune your decisions.

I use this site to quickly move back and forth between RGB, CMYK and Hex coding when necessary.

Design Inspiration

Articulate's eLearning Heroes
I find inspiration all around this website especially from other's projects.

I have a Pinterest problem!  This website can seriously suck me in.

Shift Learning
This company is just absolutely amazing. Their blog's graphic designer is a genius. I never miss a post!

Design inspiration and a way to test out my ideas.  Uh yes please!


Since it's included in the Lectora Inspire it's the tool I'm most familiar with and includes a lot of options. The variety of outputs makes me wish I had this for at home projects.

A free software sworn by many and I agree. I like to have this on backup in case Camtasia starts acting crazy.


For when words don't come easy.

When I can't find the right word.
Link chopping and tracking when needed.

Google Drive
When I want to share my projects (mostly external).

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