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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Almost 350 FREE (or Cheaper) Tools and Resources for eLearning

Another installment of Free (or Cheaper) Tools and Resources for eLearning.  Anything marked with an asterisk is something I've tested, used occasionally or implemented into my daily work flow. Enjoy!


Audio Tools and Clips*.html?free=1


Collaboration/Project Management/File Share*


Course Authoring




Image Manipulation





Meeting Tools


Storyboard ***

Other  - Not near Excel….have no fear * - Because who doesn’t need help spelling * - To help you pick the right word - Check your website before it goes live - Speed test for your computer* - Keep all your bookmarks in one place* - Chop your links for easier social sharing* - Need to create a "to read list", set a yearly goal or read reviews? - Free online library - Free annotation creator* - Keep your avatar consistent across all sites* - Set Google Alerts to stay up to date on important topics - File converter - Ned help creating an eBook?* - Professional development for $25 a month.  Uh yes please!* - Trying to time your audio perfectly? Use this free words to time calculator to get a close estimate. - See if your newsletter headline is going to catch your employees eyes. - Free prototyping for mobile and apps. - Software to help enhance training development. - Working on an image that needs to be discussed and marked up?  Check out this collaboration tool. - Teacher and Student platform for discussing projects and grades. - Kick your writing into gear by taking the 365 writing challenge. - Save your article's place with this cool bookmarking tool. - Connie Malamed's currated goodies!

As always, please leave me your suggestions in the comments below or find me on Twitter (@jvalley0714).