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Monday, April 28, 2014

ABCs of Youtubers

I love Youtube! It's on demand (if you can find what your looking for), full of surprises and includes content that gets updated regularly. My current subscription list includes a whopping 558 channels (lol).  Most of the time when I'm looking on Youtube I either want to watch a make up tutorial, listen to someone chat about a topic or make me laugh (sometimes all three at the same time).

Check out the following channels. I've noted after either title if I watch them for M=Makeup, F= Fashion,  L=Laugh, and C=Chat purposes and included an asterisk (*) is on my regularly watched (and sometimes stalked) list.

You can thank me for your Youtube obsession later.....

Alex Day (L) - "Good morning sunshine" :)
Amazing Phil (L) - Fan pictures!

Beauty Broadcast Express/EmilyNoel83 *(M) Check out her Reviews!
Bethany Mota (M, F, C, L) Everything

Carli Bybel (M) Makeup talent!
Claire Marshall *(F,C) Love her chats, special videos (check out the nail polish) and Bruce
Charlieissocoollike (C,L) He can get deep
Chloe Morello *(M) Beautiful makeup
Closeencounters (F,C) Perfect for when you don't know what to wear

Danisnotonfire *(L) I'm a stalker!
Dope2111 *(M) So much talent in such a nice woman! Transformation doesn't even begin to describe what she can do.

Emma Blackery *(L) I'm a stalker :) We need to become internet besties.
Essiebutton (M, F, C, L) I like listening to her talk.  Is that weird?

Flula (L) Funny funny. "Jenny is a party pooper"

Goldiestarlings (M) Talented!
Grav3yardgirl *(M,C,L) "Alligator wings" and "does this thing really work"!


Ilikeweylie (M,C,L) "GUUURLL"
ItsWayPastMyBedTime (C,L) She sings like an angel

Jack Howard (C,L) Funny and super cute
JaclynHills *(M, C, L) "Amazeballs"
JennaMarbles *(C, L) She's still got it.  Haters gonna hate.

Karissa Pukas *(M,F,C,L) My number 1! I feel like we connect on so many levels and she's just absolutely gorgeous.  She's my "be all end all"
KlairedelysArt *(M,F,C) If you like transformation, sci fiction, fairy tales and crafts.  She's IT

Lauren Curtis (M, F, L) Beatiful makeup artist inside and out
Lukeisnotsexy (C,L) "Luke is not cute, Luke is not funny....."

MadeYewLook *(M, L,C) Full body paint and a heart made of gold
Marie Forleo *(C, L) If you need a pick me up and some great advice check her out.
Mike Falzone *(C, L) Follow him around and you'll fall in love
Mitchell Davis (C,L) Megatron and his off beat humor

Nanalew *(C,L) Talented is an understatement
NikkiTutorials (M, C, L) She's so young but she's got so much going it.  Oh GAWD no's are hilarious.




Ruby Golani (M) Beatiful face with and without the makeup

Shannon Harris *(M,F,C,L) Stalker! She is awesome!
Sharon Farrell *(M, C, L) She makes it look so easy!
Sona Gasparian (M) Serious talent

Tessa Violet *(C, L) Her voice, her funny, her faces
The Makeup Chair *(M) Be warned...her advice on makeup can be life changing
TomSka *(C, L) Awesome producer, actor and funny man
tyrannosauruslexxx (C, L) If you have a social conscious you have to follow her


vintageortacky (M) If you want to crazy with makeup for a night out...check her out!


xsparkage (M) Such a sweetie with some serious talent.


Zoella (M,F,C,L) It's Zoella...nuff said

Am I missing someone?  Do you have a Youtube channel I should check out?  Leave me a comment below or tweet me @jvalley0714.

Monday, April 21, 2014

How Much Is My Face Worth

I'm keeping this week light and easy since I had family visiting over the weekend. I've been seeing the "What's my face worth" tag floating around on blogs and vlogs so I decided to jump on the band wagon. As a consumer and lover of all things makeup I'm curious to see my total. My daily routine changes but this is my go to...I'm in a hurry face. Sometimes I wear less and sometimes I wear more. I was previously wearing almost completely drug store makeup (because that's all I owned) so I'm sure this high end total is going to freak me out.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flawless!' Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation in Ivory $36
Benefit The POREfessional $31 but I'm testing a sample size so $0
Benefit Boi-ing in 01 Light $20
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer in Light $23 but it was a gift so $0
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blissful $26

Face Total: $109

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light $3
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer in Original $20
Clinque All About Shadow - Quad in Teddy Bear $28 but it was a gift so $0
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Black $23

Eye Total: $46


Lips Total: $7.50

What's my Face Worth? Eeek $162.50 and that's with me using samples and gifts! I'm glad this is pretty much my only splurge worthy habit otherwise I'd be in the poor house lol.

Monday, April 14, 2014

3 Ways To Rock An Interview

I moved 900 miles for a job and it definitely wasn't because I sucked at interviewing. I had interviewer after interviewer tell me I was "great", "personable", "knowledgeable" etc. What it boiled down to was I did not have the skills and knowledge they wanted for the positions I applied for (bummer!). Getting in to talk to someone is definitely not the first step but it can hurt your chances if you do not do well. A successful interview boils down to three P's. You have to be prepared, look polished and be personable.

How to be Prepared

  •  Research the company, job and market. The more knowledgeable you are the more intelligent you will sound.
    • Knowing the company will let you prove to the hiring manager that you will fit in.
    • Knowing about the job will let you comfortably respond to questions about your experience, interest and weakness.
    • Knowing the market will make you sound relevant and prepared for trends and curve balls.
    • Start with a simple Google search than branch out to more specific avenues.
    • Do not forget to check social media since its where most companies post the most up to date information.
  • Research commonly asked interview questions. 
    • Examples include:
      • Tell me about yourself.
      • What is your strengths?
      • What is your weaknesses?
      • Why do you want this job?
      • What makes you want to join this company?
      • Tell me about a time when a customer or co-worker was not happy with your product or service and what you did to rectify the situation.
  • Use the job posting to make questions from the skills and duties listed. 
    • Example:
      • Posting says: 
        • Employee will be responsible for project management.
      • Sample questions: 
        • Tell me about a time when you lead a project that was successful/a disaster.
        • What is your leadership style?
        • How do you handle unhappy workers?
  • Practice these questions until you are comfortable with how fluently you can respond.

How to Look Polished

  • Research the company’s dress code. There is nothing worse than showing up under dressed.
    • Your outfit does not have to cost a bundle (unless maybe you are interviewing for a high-end company or a job in the fashion industry).
    • Your outfit does not have to be trendy. Some would even argue that trendy clothes are not the best place to make a debut in an interview. (There are exceptions like the fashion and art). If you feel the need to "show off" your style or individuality than stick to one solid piece that does not clash or distract from your skills and knowledge you would be bringing (think statement necklace).
    • If you are not sure what to wear grab a button up shirt, dress pants and dress shoes. If the position is for something a bit higher end, invest in a blazer and/or skirt. 
    • Clean clothes that are free of stains and odor show that you care, have good hygiene and take the interview seriously. 
    • Looking polished also means showering and putting your best face forward. 
    • Put your hair back if it is long to allow for direct eye contact and remove the distraction of hair falling in your face. 
    • If you do not wear makeup than leave your face bare. Showing your true self is better than a hack job or not feeling confident. If you do wear makeup, keep it simple and neutral. Again, this isn't the place to debut a catwalk look you saw at fashion week.

How to be Personable

  • Smile
  • Speak like you normally would...but better
    • Do not force jargon or market knowledge.
    • Take your time postulating complete thoughts.
    • Remove the umms! 
    • Repeat the question as a way to form the first part of your response and give your brain enough time to respond.
  • Have great posture; it oozes confidence
    • Back straight
    • Hips square
    • Feet shoulder length apart
    • Arms resting comfortably at a 90 degree angle
  • Engage in appropriate small talk
    • Avoid emotional topics like politics, religion, sports (unless you are interviewing for a job within the field!).
    • Try to make a personable connection by commenting on someone on or near the interview i.e. charm bracelet, photo, sports memorabilia (it’s okay once you find a common ground) and fandom references.
    • Keep in mind that anything misspoken, offending or just taken the wrong way can and will be used against you so pick topics you can actually back yourself up on.
  • Maintain eye contact
    • According to the Michigan State University you should maintain a 50% while speaking and 70% while listening eye contact ratio for 4-5 second intervals. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Have Nothing To Wear - Part 2

Welcome back! Last week I wrote about the clothes you should have for a complete wardrobe. Here was my break down on the staples that you should have at your disposal to make some great essential outfits:

  1. Sweater(s)
  2. Blazer(s)
  3. Cardigan(s)
  4. Shirts (Combo of T-Shirt(s), Tank(s) and Button Up Shirt(s)
  5. Skirt(s)
  6. Jeans and Shorts
  7. Dress Pants
  8. LBD (Little Black (or Blue) Dress)
  9. Print Dress(es)
  10. Shoes (Combo of Tennis Shoes/Sneakers, Boots, Flats/Sandals and Heels)
  11. Bathing Suit
  12. Accessories
  13. Jacket
Here comes the fun part!  Mixing and matching combinations to make cute looks. 

Let's make some outfits!

4+4+5+10+12 =

3+4+6+10+12 =

1+4+6+10+12 =

2+4+6+10+12 =

4+6+10+12+13 =

2+4+4+7+10+12 =

4+6+10+12 =

4+6+10+12+13 =

8+10+12 =

4+5+10+12 =

4+6+10+12 =

4+6+10+12 =

8+10+12+13 =

11+12 =

4+9+10+12 =

Which one is your favorite? I love 3,4 and 13! As you can probably tell my style is mostly preppy. I do wear edgier outfits on occasion and I'm definitely not above rocking out sweat pants. I'm a sucker for anything black or gray so once my closet transformation is complete I'm hoping to have lots of color. If you liked this series don't forget to add me on Pinterest, like me on Facebook, tweet/follow me on Twitter, follow my blog and comment below. It lets me know you like me :)