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Are you looking for my complete list of eLearning Heroes Challenges?  They've moved to their own page (ELH Challenges) dedicated to all my entries.  Check it out here. 

The 3 Elements of Effective eLearning Infographic

Objectives in 1-2-3 Infographic

6 Steps to Creating an eLearning Assessment Infographic

Real Estate Flyer: 5 Elements (Refresher)

PowerPoint Storyboard

(Project back story: Challenge #2 and #15 - Tab and Radiant Orchid)

Charting Your Course to Optimal GPO and IDN Relationship

PowerPoint Storyboard

(Project back story: Challenge #6 - Fix this Course)

How to Enjoy Nature

Storyline Demo

(Project back story: Challenge #10 - Use Your Own Background Graphics)

Original Graphic

(Project back story: Challenge #25 - Learning Quote)

Meet My Perfect Learning Team

PowerPoint Storyboard

(Project back story: Challenge #43 - Org Chart)

My Storyboard Template: Who, What, When, Where Why

PowerPoint Storyboard

(Project back story: Challenge #48 - Storyboarding)

Ebola Infographic

(Project back story: Challenge #54 - Ebola)

Running Latte

Storyline Demo

(Project back story: Challenge #58 - Interactive Magazines)

5 Statistics and Tips Every Business Should Know Before Starting Out on Twitter

Storyline Demo

(Project back story: Challenge #64 - Presenting Data Using Interactive Charts and Graphs)

Can you Defend the Den?

Storyline Demo

(Project back story: Challenge #68 - Champion Tips for Designing Football Training)

Harry Potter: Spells 101

Storyline Demo

How To: Split a Vector Package to Get a Single Graphic Using Adobe Fireworks

Youtube Video


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