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Monday, February 16, 2015

Free (or Cheaper) Tool and Resources for eLearning (February 2015)

In August 2014 I published my first version of this article which is still view able here. Since then I've been slowing adding to the list as I find new tools and resources that I can afford to implement into my life (items marked with asterisks are tools or resources I use regularly). I think the list has nearly doubled which is crazy (even for an internet and app obsessed person like myself). With my last post reached over 600 people and was shared over 20 times on Google plus alone I felt like another installment was due. I'm thinking about making this a regular series where I randomly update the list when I come across something new or in clumps of a certain number. To reduce the size of this article I didn't go into great detail on each tool or resource. Find me on Twitter or comment below if you want to chat about my experiences. 




Collaboration/Management Tools*


Course Authoring

Image Manipulation




Meeting Tools




Other  - Not near Excel….have no fear * - Because who doesn’t need help spelling * - To help you pick the right word - Check your website before it goes live - Speed test for your computer* - Keep all your bookmarks in one place* - Chop your links for easier social sharing* - Need to create a "to read list", set a yearly goal or read reviews? - Free online library - Free annotation creator* - Keep your avatar consistent across all sites* - Set Google Alerts to stay up to date on important topics - File converter - Ned help creating an eBook?* - Professional development for $25 a month.  Uh yes please!

As before, please leave me your suggestions in the comments below or find me on Twitter (@jvalley0714).