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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When to buy your son (daughter) a BB gun

After Christmas I received some backlash from family members for approving the purchase of a bb gun for my seven year old son (and subsequently my four year old).  When the idea first was brought up to me I honestly didn’t think twice about it.  When a child is ready you’ll know.

My husband and I are people who enjoy the outdoors.  We regularly take our children camping and fishing and my husband hunts.  We have guns in the home and we regularly preach gun safety to our children (even toy guns are not to be pointed at people).  Our children are expected to respect fire arms and know how to properly handle them.  I wouldn’t have authorized the purchase unless I thought he had a respect for shooting and everything that comes along with it.

We also took into consideration storage and supervision.  Items like guns and bows are locked and placed out of our children’s reach when not in use.  The BB gun was given to my son with the strict understanding that it will only be used under adult supervision and by no means is to come near the gun without supervision.

As I watched my son learn how to aim down the barrel, turn off the safety, and pull the trigger I was proud.  Proud to teach my son a skill that could help him provide for his family.

Proud to pass along a tradition.  

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