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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Challenge #58: Digital Magazines and Interactive E-Learning

I decided it was time to brush off my Articulate Storyline skills and see if I still go it. It was like riding a bike except the newer Storyline 2 features which I researched. It felt good to get back into a software that is so user and rapid development friendly. I’m excited to see what other challenges or portfolio pieces I can create before my 30 days are up. I really wish I had the funds to just keep it forever but since my current employer is stuck on Lectora and I haven’t started freelancing/contracting yet I guess it will just half to wait. This weeks challenges was to to design a digital learning magazine.

I found some major inspiration and my creative juices are definitely flowing this week! It feels good to feel invigorated and excited to create something. Hands down the best side effect of these challenges! My inspiration came in the form of some cute pins with coffee sayings and coming across an infographic that talks about how your personality matches the coffee drink you purchase. I decided to combine it all into an article explaining what four types of coffee are and their associated personalities. That turned into a coffee related magazine complete with fake ads, and a "Seventeen" magazine style quiz. I wanted to create a sense of flipping through pages without the page curl or whooshing noise so I went with some chunky arrows. I like the end results and hope you do to!

Comment below or tweet me (jvalley0714) your favorite coffee drink and if you were surprised by the personality description. I'd love to put the data together. Check out this venn diagram!

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