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Friday, January 9, 2015

How I Upload Articulate Files to Google Drive

One of the best and easiest ways for me to share content with others is Google Drive (NOT the newest version). It's free and if you don't need to worry about copyright issues it's fast and easy. An important fact to note is that Google Drive (unsurprisingly) works best with Google Chrome browsers. It's also suppose to work on Firefox, Safari (not supported on Windows) and Internet Explorer per Google but expect a higher likeliness of experiencing "bugs".

Here are the steps I follow to upload my Articulate Output for viewing on Google Drive:

1. Create a folder and name it on your Google Drive

A. Go to Create and select the Folder option.

B. When the pop up appears name your folder and select Create.

2. Mark the folder as public

A. Select the folder

B. From the More menu select Share and then Share again

C. Select the Advanced option.

D. From the sharing settings window select Change.... in the who has access section.

E. From the link sharing window select On - Public on web and then Save.

F. Select Done to exit out of sharing settings.

3. Drag my Storyline output files into folder

A. Open the folder by clicking or right clicking and selecting Open

B. Drag your output files into the drop location (I suggest all at once using Control A).

C. When prompted select Upload and share to set your items at the same permission as the folder.

D. Don't convert any document or text and select Start upload

E. Wait for your items to completely upload.

4. Change the Output file

A. Select the Story.html, right click and select rename.

B. In the field enter Index.html.

C. Select Ok.

Please note:
Presenter: rename player.html
Quizmaker: rename quiz.html
Engage: rename engage.html

5. From the web window copy the folder name at the end of the link

6. Enter and then enter in your folder name

7. Quality Check

Would you like to see a demo of this course? Click here

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