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Thursday, February 5, 2015

When you hate listening to your own voice

When you hate listening to your own voice, why not do a podcast! A podcast is a series of audio clips produced and shared by a company or individual for easy listening. It's a great way to get your thoughts and voice out there. Only problems is, I hate recording my own voice! Something in the last couple years made listening to my own voice sound like nails on a chalk board. Maybe it's the number of times I've tried and failed to upload a Youtube video or the fact that I do a lot of voice over work for my job.

Today, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and participated in ELH Challenge #67 Podcast: How Do Instructional Designers Get Things Done? We were asked to answer the following questions:

Question 1: What’s your job title? What title do you think really captures your roles and responsibilities?

Question 2: What software tools do you love?

Question 3: What's your workspace setup like?

Question 4: What is your creative or design philosophy?

Question 5: How do you stay fresh and keep building your skills?

Question 6: How do you avoid burnout?

Question 7: How do you save time and boost your efficiency day-to-day?

Question 8: How do you manage your workflow? Do you have a project management tool you love?

Question 9: What books or blogs have been influential to you?

Question 10: What kinds of tasks do you love to do? What gets you excited to sit down at your desk?

Question 11: What do you like to do least? How do you keep yourself motivated to do that stuff?

So, how did I create a podcast?

I used Camtasia to record and edit my audio. I kept my responses unscripted and didn't even talk it out before recording so I could capture a "real" version of myself.  I kept editing to a minimum and only trimmed the tracks. I published the content out to MP4 and then uploaded it to my SoundCloud account. I used the SoundCloud embedding tool to place it below. I was so afraid the process was going to be more time consuming or cumbersome that I put off doing this challenge til now. Doing this challenge has opened a whole new way for me to create and share content! I might just have to go back and do Challenge #39 soon. When I can stand listening to my own voice again of course ;)

Have you ever done a Podcast? Do you hate listening to your own voice too?  Please don't let me be the only person that does!

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