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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Archer Gif to You (eLearning Challenge #83)

Lately my husband and I have really been into the series Archer on FX.  It's an adult cartoon about spies and in between missions, office romance and the funny antics the group gets into, it's always a laugh. It's been a really long time since I've binged watch an entire show and I'm proud to say I've watched almost all (if not all) 62 episodes. It's officially started taking over my brain because theres instances during the day where I wish that I could say a line from the show out loud. Well thanks to Articulate's Learning Challenge #83 10 Reaction Gifs For Every E-Learning Challenge I get "to share a collection of reaction gifs for any e-learning topic you like".  YAY!

Here is my Archer Gif to you.

1. When the deadline gets moved up on a big project

2. When someone wants to talk to me about work on lunch

3. When the training is going to be implemented in a completely different way then discussed


4. When a meeting goes way to long and without resolve



5. When management is trying to hype up a project

6. When I'm asked if the project I got the full details on yesterday is ready


7. When trying to explain mobile learning

8. When your idea circles the drain

Anyone else an Archer fan?  Check out this BuzzFeed quiz to see which character you are.  I'm Pam and proud :)

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