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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Burrito Face and Other Office Oddities

I was recently offered a position with a new company and announced my resignation. I've spent three years at this company and over the years developed friendships, shared memories and we've experienced life together.  These people have made laugh, cry and everything in between.  Quite a few of them I'm glad to call friends and hope we can stay in touch.  I'd like to share with you some sayings and conversations that I will take with me when I move onto my next employment.
  • It’s quarter after one and your sitting at your desk.  Your stomach starts to rumble and that’s when it hits you….You haven’t even had lunch yet!  You hastily make your way to the office refrigerator/freezer to retrieve whatever you grabbed from home before rushing out the door.  You heat up your item, a burrito, and sit down at your desk eager to finish up a project.  As you sink your teeth into the morsel the taste develops and rolls, cascading flavors over your tongue.  This burrito is now THE most heaven sent thing you have ever tasted.  You get lost in the moment as you savor every piece.  You close your eyes imagining the flavors as waves of color cascade past.  When you open your eyes you’re greeted by a co-worker who has watched you inhale your burrito while making loud grunting noises and a face she refers to as a food “O” face.
  • Oh look a Ferris wheel!
  • I <3 lectora="" li="">
  • I need Starbucks and I need it now (said like Chris Farley during the French fry skit on SNL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cupcakes!
  • What are you doing?  Oh you know, just waiting for my bunny phone cover.
  • I woke up early, showered, got dressed and headed out door.  Class would be started soon and I didn’t want to be late and get a tardy.  When I arrived at my locker I shoved my backpack and lunch in and ran after a group of friends heading to first period.  We sat and chatted for a little while before the first bell rang.  In my first period was Jenna, Tamara and Ming from the MTV TV show Awkward.  For some strange reason they were calling me over like they knew me.  I slowly made my way to the empty desk, sat down and they began what seemed to be a daily conversation.  All of the sudden Matty, Jake and Collin (also from Awkward) walked into the room and sat directly behind us.  The official bell rang and it was time for English class.  The next thing I knew it was third period and someone was having a baby.  Lunch came and went without event. Fourth period was Biology and as I filled into the classroom I looked around to see the cast of Awkward and my co-workers buddied into pairs ready to start the next assignment.  I joined with Matty (uh yes please) to start our Biological Scavengers Hunt Extravaganza (the teacher was reminiscent of a science teacher I had in Middle School who’s lame attempt to make things cool really made him cool).  As we walked outside I scanned the buddies walking through the swap.  They pairs were selecting items and writing down there findings.  Suddenly there was a scream and splash coming from the other side of a small hill.  As well all ran to see what happened I saw Jon elegantly dive into the pool of clear water.  An uncomfortably long pause without bubbles or movement happened before two heads triumpently emerged from the water.  He had saved her life.

    All the sudden things went black…..I woke up early and realized it was a dream.  Shortly after I got to work I shared the story of heroism.  “So you DO dream about me?”  I gave him ammo.

  • It’s Jelly time!
  • So I was on Youtube last night.......
  • Happy Fri Pay Eve!
  • Some twins develop a method of communication that only the other can understand.  For myself and this co-worker we master the art of speaking only in song.  Be it the lyrics or titles.  From that point on…..”That’s just the way it is.  Things will never be the same.  In the circle.  The circle of life."
  • Administrator of Sarcasm and Sass (ASS)
  • Waves hands wildly....I know exactly what you mean! Makes the car...
  • First comes Manic Monday than TMI Tuesday than WTH Wednesday than TMI Thursday and finally Fun Friday.

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