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Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Meeting Tool Match Up

Does your meeting tool do what you need it to?  I was recently asked to review the features of the top three ranking virtual meeting software providers: Citrix Go to Training, WebEx Training Center and Adobe Connect.

The question: 

Do we have the right tool?

The Answer: 

WebEx Training Center was the obvious choice.  It boasts multiple platform sharing, robust video, clear audio and anyone who has used the software can attest to the ease of "passing the ball".  In general it had more tools, chat options, and an easier to use whiteboard and polling system.  One of the major bonuses is the ability to record, edit and save you meetings within the software in an easily post able format while maintaining quality (MP4).  It has the easiest to use Mobile App and is the best in class for use on an iPad. It was the easiest to use, learn and was technically sound.

So the question is, what are you using? Does it do everything you want? Feel free to comment below or tweet me (@jvalley0714).

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