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Monday, March 24, 2014


I am a bacon fanatic.  I love anything and everything that includes bacon.  It peaks my interest and is the only reason why I could never go vegan.  Here are 25 things bacon related (some unexpected) that I found while searching the internet:
  1. Bacon Bits
  2. Bacon Pieces
  3. Turkey Bacon
  4. Bacon Candle
  5. Bacon Personal Lubricant
  6. Bacon Sunflower Seeds
  7. Vanilla Bacon Bourbon Cookies
  8. Russian Bacon Tea Cakes
  9. Bacon Mac N Cheese
  10. Bacon Ornament
  11. Bacon Candy Canes
  12. Turbaconducken
  13. Colored Bacon
  14. Wake’n Bacon
  15. Bacon Flavored Diet Coke
  16. Bacon Dental Floss
  17. Bacon Lip Balm
  18. Bacon Toothpicks
  19. Bacon Soda
  20. Bacon Earrings
  21. Boss Hog Maple Bacon Coffee
  22. Bacon Wrapping Paper
  23. Bacon Jigsaw Puzzle
  24. Perfect Bacon Bowl
  25. Bacon of the Month

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