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Monday, March 17, 2014

I Heart England

My love affair of England began in grade school when I was told that there was another country half way around the whole that spoke English. A travel destination that didn't require the knowledge of another language? The fascination grew as I was introduced to British boy and girl bands (uhh Spice Girls hello), watched BBC shows and saw the royal family on the news. What really sent me over the edge was Harry Potter.  It's not surprising; I'm a kid of the 90's. When the first book came out I was 11.  I wanted to be Hermonie and date Ron or Harry (I always preferred Ron). As I've aged the urge to travel has amplified my need to just get up and go.  Here are some of the things  I want to see or do WHEN I make it to England.

Tea - Paramount’s Iced Afternoon Tea

England = Tea.  Plan and simple.  This particular afternoon tea caught my eye as being food forward in a really cool atmosphere.

Trafalgar Square

A gigantic free area with ancient and modern art and architecture.  This one is on my list of things to visit during the day and at night if possible.

National History Museum

General admission is free with some exhibits requiring a fee.  This site offers attractions for adults and kids alike.

Halifax, England

My "perfect" city.  Small, quite, things to do, country side.....

London Eye

London's version of a ferris wheel but amped up times a thousand.  You can rent a capsule or go during the "normal" people hours for a ride.  Not only do you get breath taking views but your also next to the famous River Thames.  Currently a family of four can ride for less than £50.

Big Ben

An iconic land mark much like the Statue of Liberty. 2009 marked the 150th anniversary. Tours are available for the Elizabeth Tower.

Kensington Palace

The royal home that offers tours and exhibits.

Leadenhall Market

Areas of this market were used to film The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley.  The market offers food, drink and shopping.

Go to a meet and greet for one (or more) of my favorite British YouTubers - Summer in the City

I'm not sure how I would handle meeting one of my favorite YouTubers in person but I think Summer in the City would be my best chance.

King's Cross Station at Platform 9 3/4

King's Cross Station's artitecture and heritage alone make it a must see on my stop.  In light of the publicity Harry Potter caused they offically assigned a Platform 9 3/4 and opened a shop where you can buy goodies.

The Gherkin

This building opened in 2004 and has a large garden area that is open to the public.

Hyde Park

London's version of Central Park boosts activities and beautiful natural scenery. There is a fountain which was built in 2004 in honor of Princess Diana.


The place to department store shop.

Warner's Brother Studio

The Magic of Harry Potter is a Warner Bros Studio tour that features real sets, behind the sceens access and special events like wand week and a special look at Quidditch.

Oxford University

The first university in the English speaking world, arictecture to keep you busy for days and museums to explore.

High Street Kensignton - Zara, Top Shop

The it place to shop.

Double Decker Bus Tour

One of those things that every american feels they need to do.  I'm more interested in seeing one on the streets than riding on a tour.

Borough Market

I've seen this location mentioned in some many foodie posts and television shows.  I would love to spend the day tasting different things and introducing my children to a culture through food.

Ride the Tube

Probably the biggest hesitancy of things to do on my trip (other than the London Eye - I'm afraid of heights) is taking the underground rail system known as the tube.  For some reason the idea of missing my stop, being trampled on or attacked comes to mind every time I think about this iconic feature of the city. It may be an inaccurate depiction and in that case I would be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

There is actually more that I would like to see and do but the for the sake of this posts length I'm going to point you to my Pinterest account (follow me!) which has a board specifically for vacations that I have taken or would like to take.  Please check it out for additional ideas and let me know what you think either below or by tagging me on Twitter (@jvalley0714).  If you like my blog please be sure to like me on Facebook, follow me on Bloglovin and add me on Twitter.  I'd love to have a conversation with you on your utilimate travel destination.

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