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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scenarios < 100

Taking hints from the eLearning Uncovered eLearning Tips in 140 character or less Twitter campaign and HubSpot’s (In Under 100 Words) blog series here is my definition of a scenario (in relation to eLearning) under 100 words.

A scenario is a realistic situation in which a learner can relate to a character in a familiar setting that is presented with a problem and is required to find a solution. The learner is presented with information (the set up) and then is asked to make a decision (the crossroad) on how to handle the situation. Feedback is given (the result) which tells the learner if they are performing the actions correctly or explains what tactics and information should be used correctly work through the problem.

Keep your eye out for a post on a call center scenario for the eLearning Hero's challenge of the week.

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